Reticulated PUR foams

Climate regulating and breathable – reticulated PUR foams from Ottobock

Reticulated foams are PUR foams featuring an open cell structure and high air permeability thanks to thermal post-treatment. They are used primarily in the automobile industry, for example in climate-controlled seats. A second field of application is the recording industry, where they are used in various types of microphones. They are also often a component in filter systems, such as those found in household appliances. A further field of application is the textile industry, where reticulated foams are used in the fabrication of functional clothing for sports and recreation.

Technical properties

Areas of application

In filter technology

Interior air filters, aquarium filters, filter mats in the engine compartment, odor filters in household appliances – from the air conditioner to the extractor hood above the stove, reticulated foams from Ottobock are part of a wide variety of filter applications, making the relevant devices or components cleaner and more durable.

In the recording industry

Our PUR foams can be post-treated to optimally capture sound waves while simultaneously reducing background noises. In addition to applications such as sound insulation in cars or electrical devices, this makes them the perfect material for use in the recording industry. As reticulated, open-pore variants, they are used as wind protection for microphones.

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