PUR ether foams

Versatile and functional – PUR ether foams from Ottobock

Whether in the seats or in the door upholstery – PUR ether foams from Ottobock can be found in nearly every car worldwide. We are often the selected partner for furnishings in vehicle interiors, both nationally and internationally. And our ether foams play a key role not only in the automotive sector, but also the upholstered furniture and mattress industries. They are also used in the construction industry, for example, or in packaging and the field of orthopedics.

Technical properties

Areas of application

In the automotive industry

High-quality PUR ether foams from Ottobock are featured in numerous vehicle models from international manufacturers. They might be integrated in the roofing liner, for example. At Ottobock, you’ll naturally find quality grades for all standard laminating and coating processes.

In the construction industry

PUR ether foams are ideally suited for sealing and joining various construction elements. Sealing foams are an important and practical material for hot and cold insulation in window construction, for example.

In the packaging industry

We have been producing high-quality PUR ether foams for the packaging industry for many years. From a glasses case at the optician’s to an elegant jewelry box at the jeweler’s or a toolbox on a construction site, our PUR ether foams are featured in a wide variety of containers, but always fulfil the same purpose: protecting and supporting the product inside. Good packaging means safe and secure products.

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