PUR ester foams

Used around the world – PUR ester foams from Ottobock

Ottobock is a true global player in the field of PUR ester foams. Our core competency lies in producing PUR ester slabstock foams for international automobile manufacturers. Whether uniform and fine-celled, especially air-permeable, pore-controlled or flame retardant – we offer the right solution for the different fields of application. Foams with smoother, uniform appearances are used in the roofing liner of cars, for example, while open-pored and coarser versions are found in the seats or doors. For further information, just contact us directly here .

Technical properties

Areas of application


PUR ester foams from Ottobock can be incorporated in the roof or door sections of a vehicle as well as in the seats or column panels with all standard laminating and coating processes. Their fine-pored structure, excellent elastic recovery, good thermoforming and soft surface feel make them the perfect material for such applications. Rolls with material thicknesses from 1.5–100 mm with diameters of up to 2,400 mm according to individual customer requirements. We offer delivery of compressed rolls primarily for export, but also for customers with limited storage capacities.

Construction industry

Our PUR ester foams are suitable for regulating different temperatures. Regardless of whether an interior needs to be protected against the cold or conserve heat better – our PUR ester foams meet a broad range of requirements and can be used in self-adhesive window seals or in joint tapes, for example.

Household goods and footwear industry

Foams from Ottobock can be found in diverse products in the household goods and footwear industries. Our foams are available in many different quality grades and offer a broad spectrum of possible applications. Whether on the ironing board, in a shoe sole or in functional textiles – our foams are there.


Packaging made from PUR ester foams is light, flexible and designed for universal use. It can protect and support a product, or put it in the limelight. A ring in a jewelry box, reading glasses in their case or a breakable tool – they all stay securely in place with foams from Ottobock. You can order your packaging foams in sheets, pre-cut pieces, pre-cut profiled pieces (diverse profile ratios are possible) or contoured sections.

Consumer products

Many of our PUR ester foams are incorporated in products you wouldn’t immediately think of, such as loudspeakers or microphones, for example. They are also extremely well suited for minimizing noise in electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners or dish washers. If you are interested in finding out more about this topic, we would be happy to advise you in detail. Get in touch with us here .

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