Technical foams

Innovation and efficiency – technical foams from Ottobock

Our core competencies in the production of technical foams lie in the development and production of high-quality polyurethane foams based on PUR ether and PUR ester systems. We have been producing high-quality foams with a wide range of densities for the automotive, construction, consumer and packaging industries as well as numerous other sectors for many years. By using the latest production technologies and processing top-quality raw materials, we always offer our customers a high and consistent standard of quality and have worked our way to the top of the industry. Innovative solutions such as our flexible storage and logistics chain and our capacity for producing blocks with a length of 120 m are unique within the market and enable us to respond to customers’ needs in an extremely flexible way.

Applications in the automotive industry

Foam products from Ottobock are featured in nearly all vehicles produced by international manufacturers. Our ester and ether foams are both primarily incorporated in vehicle interiors. They can be found in the roof lining, column cladding, seat or door areas, for example. For further information, just contact us directly here .

Applications in work and lifestyle products

Technical foams from Ottobock are a component of many lifestyleand work products. From foams with special technical properties to a reticulated variant with high air permeability – every one of our products is optimally tailored to the needs of the respective customer.

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Head of Technical Foams Business Unit
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