TechnoRIM® spray skins

Robust and durable – TechnoRIM® spray skins

TechnoRIM® spray skins are two-component systems which can be used to realize complex component geometries and detailed surface designs. The degree of hardness and reaction profile can be set according to the specific application. What’s special about TechnoRIM® spray skins is that they form an especially aging-resistant surface that has excellent mechanical properties. They are extremely resistant to cold and heat with zero water absorption. These properties make them suitable for use in healthcare settings (dentist’s chairs, operating tables, patient beds) or for special applications in automobile interiors, for example. Another notable feature is their excellent media resistance. TechnoRIM® systems can also be equipped with anti-static or antibacterial properties.

Areas of application


High-quality surfaces with complex component geometries such as fittings on car dashboards can be realized with TechnoRIM® systems. Ottobock’s spray skins stand out for their waterproof surface and long service life – even when subject to extreme demands.

Outdoors & recreation

Thanks to their extremely hard-wearing and waterproof surface, TechnoRIM® spray skins are also recommended for outdoor applications.
Areas of use include seating applications for water and winter sports.

Healthcare sector

No one likes sitting in the dentist’s chair. But it’s what’s inside that counts here.
When it comes to manufacturing this special type of chair, a unique set of characteristics makes the difference – robustness, easy cleaning even with aggressive products, and an anatomically perfect shape that simultaneously provides the highest possible level of comfort. Spray skins from Ottobock make the most of their advantages – ideally in combination with a ComfoPUR® flexible foam system as backfill material.

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