PUR flexible foam systems

Absolute comfort – with PUR flexible foam systems from Ottobock

PUR flexible foam systems from Ottobock are true experts when it comes to sitting and lying comfort. Thanks to their excellent elastic recovery, which can be determined on an individual basis, and their good long-term usage properties, our PUR flexible foam systems stand out in the upholstery and mattress segment in particular. Our PURBalance® foam systems are therefore used first and foremost in furniture making. With our ComfoPUR® brand, we offer flexible foam systems tailored primarily to automotive requirements as well as applications in railway vehicles.

Areas of application


ComfoPUR® flexible foam systems from Ottobock are used in the automotive industry for fabricating upholstery elements for seating applications, among other purposes. They come recommended for their excellent mechanical properties together with a low-emissions, low-odor construction. Our flexible foam solutions are also in demand in the leisure industry, including in the production of consumer products. Our portfolio includes flame retardant variations which comply with diverse catalogs of requirements (e.g. FMVSS 302, DIN5510, EN 45545 or BS 5852 crib 5), for example for upholstery applications in railway vehicles.

The advantages of ComfoPUR® flexible foam systems at a glance:

  • low-emissions and low-odor
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • suitable for use in the automotive and commercial vehicle sector
  • suitable for railway applications
  • viscoelastic adjustment possible

Furniture and comfort

Breathable PURBalance® systems from Ottobock stand out for their good moisture absorption and release properties. These properties give the foam its climate-regulating effect and high quality. Its area of application is the furniture and mattress industry. Viscoelastic adjustments and special requirements, e.g. antimicrobial properties, are also included in our range of services in this segment.

The advantages of PURBalance® flexible foam systems at a glance:

  • good long-term usage properties
  • very high flexibility and point elasticity
  • low-emissions and low-odor
  • easy to clean and climate-regulating
  • pleasant surface feel
  • viscoelastic adjustment possible
  • antimicrobial treatment possible
  • flame retardant variations available

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