construPUR® rigid foam systems

Insulate, absorb shocks and shield – with construPUR® rigid foam solutions

The construPUR® brand comprises all of our rigid foam, rigid integral foam and RIM solutions. Ottobock’s construPUR® systems have numerous applications and are easy to process. They can be processed using high- and low-pressure technology but also manually as well.
Our range of construPUR® products includes especially resilient and long-lasting variants for selected indoor and outdoor applications as well as special automotive applications (hard rigid foam / RIM). All construPUR® rigid foam systems are tailored precisely to your requirements thanks to our highly flexible development process and application technology. Regardless of whether it’s special mechanical requirements, an individual reaction profile or flame retardant system variants.

Areas of application


Are you looking for the best material for hot or cold insulation? Whether for refrigerators, hot water tanks, sensitive automotive parts, in district heating systems or the catering sector – PUR rigid foam systems from Ottobock stand out for their excellent insulating properties. These systems can be used to achieve optimal thermal conductivity values (k value, U value). Age- and heat-resistant designs with good media resistance are also an option. For insulating applications, we offer special PUR rigid foam systems with lower densities (30–100 kg/m³). We would be happy to advise you on the various possibilities and additional fields of application. Contact us.

flame retardant

In the construction sector, public transportation systems, in the air industry or in the electrical and electronics sectors – compliance with certain flame retardant standards is mandatory in many industries today for safety reasons. With flame retardant construPUR® rigid foam systems from Ottobock, your compliance with the required standards in your field such as DIN 4102 B2 or FMVSS 302 is guaranteed. Interested? Then get in touch with us.

energy absorbing

Safety comes first! EAH systems are used first and foremost in the automobile industry. By absorbing even stronger impacts, they can help prevent more serious damage in case of an accident, both when used in the interior (crash pads) and in the bodywork (bumpers) of the vehicle. EAH systems are used in the field of occupational safety (inserts for hard hats) as well as for recreational and sports applications.
Our EAH foams are available in flexible and rigid variants. We customize the precise hardness, pressure and shock absorption capacity and density to match your individual requirements.

in model making

Robust construPUR® rigid foam systems for construction and model making applications round out the portfolio.
Blocks and molded parts produced from these systems stand out for their easy reworking, similar to that of wood.


Our construPUR® rigid integral foam and RIM systems are your first choice when you need high-quality and technically superior components with a high breaking elongation and resistance to impacts. They are used especially in automotive exteriors (e.g. fenders, spoilers, bumpers), in the furniture industry (e.g. inserts for seating furniture, shelving units) and the electrical industry (e.g. housings for outdoor power distributors). Based on the optimized flowability of these systems, we can also carry out very complex geometries with the appropriate mold designs.

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