Molded parts for sports and recreation

Well-equipped – polyurethane molded parts for sports and recreation

Molded parts produced at our location in the USA are based on Ottobock’s foam systems and are used in virtually all areas of life. At our production facility there, we look into how we can reduce the engine noise from an exclusive pleasure boat by using a special molded part, for example, or how we can make sure the boat’s captain is sitting comfortably. In order to determine the design and features of a new polyurethane molded part – whatever its recreational purpose – we always have to start by working with our customer to specify all of the requirements, and ask plenty of questions. Is this a product that needs to withstand outdoor wind and weather? In that case, UV and temperature resistance and high surface stability will come into play. Is the product a protective cover for a technical gadget such as the latest tablet or smartphone? If so, we’ll need to consider breakage resistance and impact absorption. As you can see, every project is a commissioned piece of work. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll find a solution for you.

Potential applications

For secure support

From comfortable chairs to snowmobile seats to play chairs for the little ones... molded parts from Ottobock are made from materials that are quality tested, certified and do not pose any health hazards. Due to their high-quality processing based on hardwearing, low emission and low odor PUR systems, Ottobock molded parts are guaranteed to be long-lasting and resilient.

For work and hobbies

Whether the components are used by DIY enthusiasts or skilled workers on construction sites – well-known manufacturers of products for professional crafts have been relying on our expertise for years. From knee pads for tile setters or pavers to tires for utility vehicles on construction sites or in the garden – molded parts made from Ottobock foam systems are designed for the day-to-day demands of physical work and have been tried and tested by our customers.

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