Molded parts for medical technology and the healthcare sector

Perfectly equipped – with polyurethane molded parts for medical technology and the healthcare sector

Robust, easy-to-clean surfaces are essential in hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes. Thanks to our longstanding expertise, we are able to meet these requirements at our molded parts production facility in Rochester Hills in the USA. A varnished or viscoelastic integral foam, for example, is a cost-effective solution that guarantees durability in addition to comfort. When producing molded parts for dentist’s chairs, operating tables or patient beds, Ottobock implements your individual design and practical requirements while taking into account the specifications of the healthcare sector – and keeping the project within the relevant budget, of course.

Potential applications

In hospitals

Chairs in the waiting room, wheelchairs, mattress covers – all of these products are used by numerous patients, doctors or visitors at a hospital. That’s why they need to be especially durable and long-lasting. Molded foam parts from Ottobock are tailored precisely to include these characteristics upon request and are developed to match your design ideas down to the detail – individually and based on their use.

Doctor’s and dentist’s offices

It’s almost impossible to imagine working at a doctor’s office without disinfecting surfaces regularly. An especially high standard of cleanliness is required in this setting. Of course, regular cleaning can’t nip every bug in the bud, so to speak, even when the greatest possible care is taken.

Our portfolio of molded parts for the healthcare sector therefore also includes special seating cushions and upholstery equipped with antimicrobial properties for use on exam tables, for example.

At care facilities

Adherence to hygiene regulations is essential in public care facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living communities for people with disabilities. Materials are subjected to high demands and stresses due to frequent, intensive cleaning. When it comes to manufacturing our molded foam parts, we already take these practical factors into account during the production of our PUR foam systems. Tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector, they stand out for their maximum resilience and high resistance to aging.

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