Molded parts for public transportation

Arrive safely – with polyurethane molded parts for public transportation

Durability, rider comfort and safety are decisive criteria in the public transportation system in order to meet the growing requirements of the market today. Polyurethane foam systems from Ottobock meet these requirements in every respect. To this end, we also offer custom production of molded parts for bus and rail transportation at our location in Rochester Hills in the USA. These parts range from seat cushions made from ComfoPUR® flexible foam in interior areas to construPUR® rigid foam solutions for automatic train control systems found outdoors. By continually investing in a modern production infrastructure, we achieve short lead times and on-time order processing – while taking into account the existing quality guidelines, of course.

Areas of application

In rail transportation

With its energy-absorbing, flame retardant and extremely weather- and temperature-resistant properties, the construPUR® rigid foam developed by our Systems business unit is ideally suited for use outdoors and under challenging conditions. That’s why it often serves as the basis for molded parts in train control systems or in various control elements.

In vehicle interiors

Interior furnishings on public transportation such as buses and trains are subject to an especially wide range of legal requirements. Issues such as fire and accident safety play an important role here. Our molded parts made from ComfoPUR® flexible foam, for example, offer a high level of comfort when used in the seating areas on these modes of transport while also ensuring maximum safety, as we can produce flame retardant variants upon request. Energy-absorbing molded parts made of rigid foam such as crash absorber pads provide additional protection.

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