Molded parts for office and home furnishings

Elegant and comfortable – polyurethane molded parts for office and home furnishings

Design, comfort, durability and cost are criteria that define the office and home furnishings market. Competition between suppliers is intense and requirements are changing rapidly. As a service-oriented producer of molded parts made from PUR integral foam and flexible foam,

Ottobock is able to respond to the relevant requirements in a highly flexible and individual way.
As a result, we can realize characteristics such as the degree of hardness, color and surface structure according to our customers’ needs.

Potential applications

Integral foam

Integral foam has become a nearly essential component in any office chair. Armrests, for example, are often constructed from integral foam in a wide variety of quality grades and degrees of hardness.

Work chairs in laboratories offer a high level of comfort today thanks to the use of integral foam or viscoelastic integral foam in the seat and backrest upholstery.

From wellness couches to lawn chairs, molded parts made from polyurethane integral foam combine high-quality surfaces with perfect sitting comfort in a unique way – while offering plenty of freedom in terms of design.

Flexible foam

Upholstered furniture without PUR flexible foam? It’s hard to imagine. Whether in a highly flexible variant or a soft viscoelastic version for perfect pressure distribution, PUR flexible foam is the comfort element.

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