Molded parts for the automotive industry

Great driving conditions – with PUR molded parts for the automotive industry

Our custom-made polyurethane molded parts are the result of interdisciplinary teamwork between our polyurethane specialists and meet the specific requirements of our customers. All PUR foam systems used in the production of our molded parts are developed and fabricated in-house. Our goal is to produce high-performance components that have a significant cost-saving potential for our customers – always on time.

Potential applications

Under the hood

Polyurethane molded parts made from OBoSonic® foam systems are the innovative, custom-fit acoustic solution for noise insulation and absorption.

They stand out for their high temperature resistance and are therefore especially suitable for applications near a car’s engine. Car hoods, specially designed covers, casings for injection valves or high-pressure pumps – our broad portfolio of products in this segment includes all this and more.

The advantages of OBoSonic® molded parts at a glance:

  • optimum acoustic performance thanks to close-contour noise absorption and encapsulation
  • new design options for optimum space utilization
  • integrated fastening and connecting points
  • high energy-saving potential due to improved thermal insulation
  • good recyclability due to pure-grade material
  • designer surfaces possible
  • low water intake and fluid absorption
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • tried and tested material resilience and resistance to media
  • high temperature resistance: components can be used in close proximity to engine
  • conformity with all current fire protection requirements (e.g. UL94 V0, FMVSS 302)

In vehicle interiors

We offer a variety of innovative molded parts solutions for vehicle interiors. From PUR flexible foam applications with high comfort requirements to PUR integral foam applications with designer surfaces or energy-absorbing functional components which are vital to safety, we can carry out the entire spectrum of interior applications.

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