Molded parts from Ottobock

Versatile and high-performance – polyurethane molded parts made by Ottobock

As one of the leading providers of polyurethane systems, we have been delivering innovative system solutions for decades which are used to fabricate molded parts for the automotive, medical and healthcare sectors, for public transportation, office and residential furnishings as well as for sports and recreation applications. With our ultra-modern molded part production facility in Rochester Hills in the US state of Michigan, we also have a market presence as a provider of PUR molded parts.
Using our knowledge-driven PUR foam systems, which are produced in-house, in combination with the latest production technology, we satisfy the highest market demands.

Molded parts for the automotive industry

Whether it’s the gear knob or armrests, a dashboard component, engine cover or construction element, molded parts from our production facility are used in practically all automotive areas.


Molded parts for household technology

From a refrigerator’s door handle to acoustic solutions for noisier household appliances – with molded foam parts from Ottobock, your innovative household technology products will set new standards.


Molded parts for public transportation

Durability, rider comfort and safety are decisive criteria in the public transportation system in order to meet the growing requirements of the market today. Ottobock offers molded parts for a broad range of applications used in buses and trains.


Molded parts for the healthcare sector

Molded foam parts in the medical technology sector are subject to rigorous requirements. Media compatibility, good mechanical properties and potentially biocompatibility therefore play a decisive role.


Molded parts for sports and recreation

Molded parts made from polyurethane can be found in many everyday applications. Whether integral foam, flexible foam, indoor or outdoor applications: Ottobock molded parts offer impressive quality and cost efficiency.


Molded parts for office and home furnishings

At home or at work, molded parts from Ottobock offer the best possible seating position and ensure maximum comfort. We can realize individual requirements as well.


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