Standard ether foams

Versatile and long-lasting – standard ether foams from Ottobock

High elasticity and good elastic recovery are the two properties that define the quality of our standard ether foams. They are primarily found in mattresses and upholstered furniture such as armchairs, sofas and other seating furniture and can be used anywhere that requires durability and resilience in combination with a high level of sitting comfort. Standard ether foams from Ottobock are also in high demand for processing in the packaging industry, for example as padding for cases, jewelry boxes or as protection for fragile parts. They are available in a broad range of densities and degrees of hardness and are therefore the most practical solution for many applications.

Technical properties

Areas of application


Standard ether-based foams are an excellent choice for mattress production. Thanks to their open-cell structure, they guarantee good air circulation and therefore improved moisture transfer. Their variability in hardness and density means they have a broad spectrum of implementation options. We are always happy to meet individual customer wishes, such as implementing unique designs! Get in touch with us.


Comfortable and flexible – upholstery made from standard ether-based foams from Ottobock combine comfort with the necessary resilience that should distinguish any good piece of seating furniture. As with all of our products, you can choose between various degrees of hardness for your upholstery application. We would be happy to advise you in detail.


Our range of standard ether solutions is nearly endless. Because this product is so universal, it is used in diverse ways – in glasses cases, toolboxes or in jewelry boxes – always supporting and protecting at the same time. No matter what requirements you place on your product packaging, we’ll find the right solution, including for unique designs and color schemes. We’ll put your product in the limelight with a high-quality packaging concept!

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