Foaming plant

Foam production at Ottobock – a success story from start to finish

High quality and optimal product consistency are our company’s first priority. Our ultra-modern foaming plant and professional development team make us one of just a few full-service providers of products in the mattress and upholstery industry. From liquid raw materials to the finished result, our customers receive a quality-tested Ottobock product – made in Germany. Expertise in polyurethane technologies since 1953 – that’s what we stand for.

Our foaming channel

Foaming trough

The equipment we use is state-of-the-art. Every day, a total of up to 2 km of foam with varying densities and degrees of hardness is produced here in a 60 m foaming channel. From here, the long blocks, which have diverse qualities, are transported to our mobile shelving system for storage and further processing.

Mixing head

The mixing head is the heart of our foaming system. This is where the subsequent composition of the product is determined. In the mixing head, all of the necessary main raw materials are homogeneously bonded with each other by adding blowing agents. The materials then expand and react to produce a wide range of qualities of foam.


In our tunnel, the foam blocks mature in boxes next to and above one another for up to a week. The tunnel’s special feature is that it connects two movable structures to each other via a track system. This means products can change location at any time without long waits or using extra transport or loading vehicles – backups are therefore eliminated and seamless production is guaranteed.

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