State-of-the-art – the production facility at Ottobock

The path to your finished product starts with the testing of the materials and chemicals used to produce it. We involve you in the product planning and development process from the very start to ensure that the degree of hardness, comfort, elasticity and structure meet your requirements exactly at the end. We can therefore guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. Our principle is to always invest in the most modern technology available. Working on 40,000 m² of production and storage space, we use the latest cutting machines to bring to life customized products geared toward market trends.

Bringing your product to life

CNC machines

Thanks to ultra-modern computer control technologies, our employees can fabricate extremely precise and complex foam products. We can carry out extremely varied work orders at our seven CNC contouring machines – from very simple to very elaborate designs.

Bonding machines

We use our bonding machine to connect the individual foam components, for example our mattress work pieces, together to ultimately ensure user comfort in any lying position. By combining various contours and materials with varying densities and compression hardnesses, we optimally structure the individual resting zones to achieve an ergonomic result that simply feels good.

Loop splitting machine

Thanks to our loop splitting machine, our products are twice as long as those of our competitors. We are the only manufacturer with the capacity to split 120 m long blocks into rolled goods. For our customers, this means less scrap material and therefore more product.

Profile cutting machine

Our customers not only determine the composition, hardness and size of their foams on an individual basis; various profiling settings and nubs can also have a positive influence on surface contour, lying comfort or the quality of protective padding – controlled down to the millimeter with the latest machine technology, of course!

Shape cutting machine

At our shape cutting machine, the foam product is cut to the desired length, width and height. Three-dimensional designs can be easily brought to life here.

Tricot covering

Our customers can make use of a further Ottobock service once production of their foam articles has been completed: covering the foam cores with tricot fabric. This makes covering the mattress considerably easier.

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Head of Comfort Business Unit
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