Oboflex® foams

Highly resilient, air-permeable, quality tested – Oboflex® foams from Ottobock

With Oboflex®, we offer a high-quality, certified HR cold foam that comes with a wide range of advantages. First and foremost is its HR factor, which sets it apart from standard foams. HR stands for high resilient. So what’s most impressive about this material is its dynamic properties, which give every mattress and upholstery application an unparalleled level of comfort. If you are looking for the perfect balance between pressure relief and a natural posture, an Oboflex® cold foam is the right choice.
Even the structure of Oboflex® foam is special, because its irregular, coarse and open-cell pores make it especially air-permeable and breathable. This enables quick moisture transfer, which means excellent sleeping conditions and therefore the best possible night’s rest.
As with all our products, we pay meticulous attention to the raw materials used and do not include greenhouse gases or halogens. Our production processes are of course monitored continuously and are also certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. So you won’t be taking any chances when you use Oboflex® foam, with quality made in Germany.

Technical properties

Areas of application


Mattresses made from highly resilient Oboflex® cold foam adapt perfectly to any body shape and therefore provide the best possible restoration during sleep. Their open-cell pore structure allows air to circulate more freely, improving breathability and moisture transfer within the foam. We are always happy to meet individual customer wishes, such as implementing unique designs! Get in touch with us.


Oboflex® foams stand out for their high resilience and resulting long product life. These characteristics are especially advantageous for seating furniture. Upholstery made from Oboflex® foam retains its shape, even when used frequently and for long periods. And you determine the required degree of hardness and sitting comfort – completely individually, according to your needs. If this sounds interesting, we’d be happy to provide you with detailed information.

Product range

Interested in an Oboflex® foam product? Then the choice is yours. Would you like your goods delivered to you in blocks or as cut pieces for further processing? Or would you prefer that we produce a pre-contoured mattress for you? No matter what you are looking for when you come to Ottobock, you’ll always benefit from our broad range of services and receive your products exactly as you want them. Thanks to our comprehensive technical capacities and outstanding expertise, we can meet any individual customer need.

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