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In order to meet all of our customers’ needs within the set time frame, we have set up a sophisticated logistics center at our Duderstadt location. Storage for a wide variety of foams is available on two high rack systems right next to our production facility. With a capacity of 3,500 short blocks, 5,500 rolls and 7.3 km for long blocks, this warehouse offers a combination that is unique around the world.

Due to the proximity of our production and storage facilities to our service site as well as our extensive, efficient transportation system including jumbo trucks and compression trucks, we can complete any delivery quickly and reliably. Our products can immediately change location at any time and using movable structures connected by a tunnel, without using additional means of transportation. Thanks to this unique logistics system, we can respond to customer needs without any hassle and in a very short time in order to deliver the requested foams. Our customers benefit from the directness of our logistics chain during busy seasons of the year in particular.

Flexible storage and fast delivery

High rack system

To ensure the efficient production of our more than 30 different types of foam, we rely on a high rack system for storage. This rack system has a storage capacity of up to 3,500 short blocks. This guarantees that your delivery will be on time.

Compression trucks

Depending on the distance, we also load your products using compression trucks upon request. The roofs of our compression trucks can be raised to a height of up to 8 m using hydraulics. The foams are compressed inside the truck and the process is repeated on a second loading deck. This allows us to greatly reduce the volume of the material being delivered, and saves space, trips and costs.

Jumbo truck

Our broad-based fleet of trucks rounds out our logistics system. Every day, 30 jumbo trucks are out on the road delivering to our customers. Depending on the delivery method, they have a loading volume of approx. 70 – 120 m³.

Your contact

Sascha Ludolph
Head of Comfort Business Unit
Tel.: +49 5527 848-3642
Fax: +49 5527 848-1380
Email: comfort@remove-this.ottobock.de