Supply formats

Flexible supply options – to guarantee the perfect fit

When you choose a foam from our company, you’ll also benefit from our broad spectrum of supply formats. From block or reel material to pre-contoured foams to finished molded parts – it’s all possible with Ottobock. We are also happy to fabricate foams with special dimensions using our state-of-the-art cutting machines. Handling large-volume contracts is no problem thanks to our modern, globally unique high rack system and our overall setup designed for large-scale industrial production. Further information is available in our Terms and Conditions and Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment.

The choice is yours

Block materials

The standard width of our foam blocks is 2,030 mm. Special dimensions are of course also possible depending on the volume. Alternatively, you can also look over our range of in-stock quality grades and formats to see if we already have what you need. No matter which you choose, all foams from Ottobock stand out for their optimum block geometry. Consistent adherence to block dimensions and small tolerances are characteristic of the high demands we place on our service and our products.

Pre-cut pieces / contoured pieces

Are you looking to shorten the process between the base material and the finished end product and want to receive your materials already precisely pre-cut and/or contoured from us? We’ll make your vision a reality thanks to our professional team, many years of experience in the field of customized development and ultramodern cutting machines. Just send us a no-obligation inquiry here now.

Reel material

Depending on the selected quality of the foam, we are also happy to deliver your ordered materials in roll format. This practical, space-saving option is available in a wide variety of widths. Standard thicknesses range between 1.5 mm and 30 mm. Widths outside this range are also available upon request .

Profiled products

No matter what needs to be brought into shape – we’re happy to do it for you. We can implement numerous different designs using our profiling machine. This includes designing profile plates to meet your individual requirements, with the precise dimensions you need. For further information on this service, please contact us here .

Shape cutting

As a company with decades of experience in foam production and processing, the machinery we have today goes above and beyond the industry’s requirements. This means we can offer you an extremely diverse and extensive range of design variations for your products. Our shape cutting machine in particular enables us to fabricate nearly any three-dimensional molded part out of flexible foams. So when you get a product from Ottobock that’s been cut to shape according to your needs, you get true precision work.

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