Our roots

In the 1950s, the company’s main business focused on the fabrication of prostheses – which were still produced from wood at the time. However, supplies of wood were scarce at the time and the company was already considering finding a more suitable material. The solution turned out to be synthetic materials.

Today, after half a century of continual improvements to our foaming systems, our company group is extremely diverse. In addition to foams for medical technologies, we primarily supply the automotive sector and the mattress and upholstery industry.


Founding of the company: Otto Bock Kunststoff GmbH starts production in Duderstadt with its first longitudinal cutting machines for foams.


With the signing of the Moltoprene contract, the company takes an important step toward the future through its cooperation with BAYER AG. The first slabstock foaming machine is put into operation soon after.


Otto Bock Kunststoff GmbH begins production of PUR ester foams.


Production moves to Max-Näder-Straße 15 and the second-generation slabstock foaming machine is put into operation.


An outstanding success: The world’s first low fogging ester is produced in Duderstadt.


The company’s product range is expanded as production of PUR ether foams starts at the turn of the millennium.


Two years later, the company expands again as it starts production of HR foams.


International demand: The production facility at the company’s Changzhou location in China opens in 2008.


Ottobock opens its Rochester Hills location in Michigan in the USA. Production at this location focuses on the formulation of PUR systems and the manufacture of PUR molded parts.


A reason to celebrate: Otto Bock Kunststoff GmbH turns 60 years old.


Two years later, the company celebrates again. Company founder Dr. Max Näder would have turned 100 years old on June 24, 2015.


Takeover of the Ottobock® Kunststoff Group by Conzzetta AG, Zurich/Switzerland.