Furniture industry

The furniture and upholstery industry is a classic area of application for our foam products. Oboflex® and standard ether foams as well as Ottobock PUR flexible foam systems are incorporated in mattresses, upholstery and seating furniture from well-known manufacturers.

Oboflex® is an open-cell, high-quality, certified HR cold foam that gives every mattress and upholstered furniture application an unmistakable level of comfort. This air-permeable and breathable foam allows for rapid moisture transfer and is therefore perfectly suited for use in mattresses. Our standard ether foams are an excellent choice for mattress production, but are also often used in the production of seating furniture. They are available in a broad range of densities, degrees of hardness and delivery forms and are therefore a practical solution for many applications.

Our PUR flexible foam systems stand out for their excellent elastic recovery and good long-term usage properties in the upholstery and mattress segment in particular. Ottobock’s PURBalance® foam systems are therefore primarily used in furniture making.

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